I was wondering if you can help me, basically we are going for a simple set up of Cloudstack based on two machines: The 1st the management server running RHEL 6.2 and previously Ubuntu 12.04 (due to many attempts to get this working) the 2nd running Xenserver and previously KVM. Each of these servers run from VMware workstation 9. We reserved addresses in the DHCP of our Virgin media homehub router and followed the instruction guides.

Everything appears to be successful including adding the zone, pod, cluster,host and primary and secondary storage up until starting/creating system VM's. We can see the template within /export/secondary. I have attached the logs from the management server.

Additionally the systemVM template downloaded manually as per the install guide, status shows downloaded and we can see it in the /export/secondary nfs. However the CentOS  template that is automatically downloaded seems to have no status available, it appears that it hasn't downloaded even though it shows in the Web UI.

We have looked online for solutions and have tried many, we are hoping maybe you spot something we are missing.

Many thanks in advance