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From Shashi Dahal <>
Subject RE: SSVM showing alert status
Date Mon, 02 Dec 2013 13:07:11 GMT

Even if you recreate and it shows alert, then you need to first find out the hypervisor where
its running, and connect to it locally using the "Link Local IP Address"  shown in the management
interface.  It is in the format 169.254.x.x

Login to the hypervisor as root

# ssh -i /root/.ssh/  -p 3922  root@169.254.x.x

It's a standard Debian template. 
Some commands: 

To check the systemVM version:  cat /etc/cloudstack-release
To do a basic troubleshooting:  /usr/local/cloud/systemvm/

You can apt-get install <package> to install tools to troubleshoot, but when you re-create
the systemVM, these packages will be lost. 

Alert state could be due to networking, or disk-space being full ( logs ) or something  went
corrupt and the file-system went to read-only mode.   All systemVM are safe to be destroyed
and they will get re-created again.


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From: Jake G. [] 
Sent: maandag, 02 december, 2013 10:33
Subject: SSVM showing alert status

Hi all,

My SSVM is showing ALERT as its status. How can I troubleshoot this? Also, Any tips on how
to log into the SSVM and CPVM? 


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