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From jason pavao <>
Subject How do you customize CS vms on KVM?
Date Thu, 19 Dec 2013 02:03:40 GMT
Hey Folks,
Is there a way to change the default virtual machine settings? IE- 
nic/disk type/bus/etc. so that they can be set to virtio or other 
values? Is there a way to change these default settings?
If so, where would I make this change?

I'm not seeing this documented anywhere and the workaround i've sorted 
out is to create a custom vm with all the virtual hardware set as I like 
it, ie- virtio for disk/nic improved performance, qcow2 for thin disks; 
and then upload the template into cloudstack.

 From what I can see CS sticks with whatever settings were set from the 
template which is good for me. But this seems like alot of extra work to 
create a template externally to CS.

There must be a way to define how CS creates my initial vms?

Any help would be appreciated!


PS- for those of you who have suffered trying to figure out the virtio 
drivers, the vm's virtual hardware must be configured as virtio devices 
in order for the drivers to load.

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