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From Ogiljae <>
Subject RE: CloudStack secondary storage capacity issue
Date Tue, 19 Nov 2013 23:24:19 GMT


Can you do df -h inside the related 2nd storage VM?


Sent from Samsung Galaxy NoteMagnus Janson <> wrote:Hi All,

I'm having an issue with CloudStack 4.2 (KVM) and secondary storage.
CloudStack reports that 100% is used, according to CloudStack the capacity
is 275.98MB but the capacity is actually 1.7T.

Dashboard reports:
Secondary Storage
275.98 MB / 275.98 MB

Infrastructure -> Secondary Storage settings:
Name: secondary
URL: nfs://
Provider: NFS

Checking the storage from centos (mounted the nfs share temporarily):
[root@host root]# df -h
Filesystem                                Size  Used   Avail 
Use%  Mounted
on  1.8T  460M  1.7T   1%        /mnt/secondary

select id,name,status,type,resource_state,available,capabilities,version
from where type='SecondaryStorageVM';
> '2', 's-19-VM', 'Up', 'SecondaryStorageVM', 'Enabled', '1', NULL, '4.2.0'

I've been checking the management-servers logfiles but can't find any clue
to what's causing this.

As far as I can see the, the device is mounted correctly. I really don't
understand why df -h would report 1.7T when the device is mounted, while
CloudStack can only find/use a total of 275.98 MB.

I don't know how to continue the troubleshooting, any help in the right
direction from you guys would be highly appreciated.

Best Regards,
Magnus Jansson
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