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From Chiradeep Vittal <>
Subject Re: nf_nat_ftp kernel module is missing in v4.2 virtual router
Date Thu, 07 Nov 2013 20:03:58 GMT
You can try injecting the modprobe into one of the startup scripts
(/etc/init.d/cloud-early-config), that way you wouldn't need a new
In this case you would have to merely modify the systemvm.iso

On 11/7/13 7:40 AM, "Carlos Miranda Molina (Mstaaravin)"
<> wrote:

>In our company we upgrade to v4.2, now the virtual routers doesn't have
>nf_nat_ftp kernel module.
>We can resolve this adding manually with:
>:~#  modprobe nf_nat_ftp (inside VR)
>And works, but if i need restart VR we loose that rule so i need edit
>system template for router and add that module.
>The problem is how edit or find system VR template.
>If i turn off the router i can't have option for create snapshot or
>identify *.qcow2 file (for edit outside and upload as a new template)
>In storage tab i see only ROOT volumes, not VR (virtual routers) volumes.
>Someone can help me please...?
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