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From Adam <>
Subject Re: Guest VMs not able to acquire DHCP IP from Virtual Router unless Guest and VR are on the same KVM host
Date Sat, 16 Nov 2013 21:51:32 GMT
The hosts have static IPs (10.97.38.[10-14]) and can all see and talk to
each other via IP and hostname. I'm only using a basic zone so no VLAN
tagging or anything funky like that.

Best Regards,

Adam Scarcella

On Sat, Nov 16, 2013 at 4:17 PM, Andrei Mikhailovsky <>wrote:

> Adam, it sounds like a networking issue, check that all hosts can talk to
> each other on the same vlan that is used for guest network. I had the same
> issue with advanced networking when my vlans were not properly setup on the
> switches.
> Andrei
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> From: "Adam" <>
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> Sent: Saturday, 16 November, 2013 7:08:50 PM
> Subject: Guest VMs not able to acquire DHCP IP from Virtual Router unless
> Guest and VR are on the same KVM host
> Hi All,
> I have a new and very strange issue that for the life of me I cannot seem
> to track down and fix.
> I have CS 4.2 running on 5 hosts in a simple basic zone. All is working
> fine, except that my Guest VMs cannot seem to get a DHCP lease from the
> Virtual Router unless I migrate the Guest VM to the same physical KVM
> Host running the VR. That would seem to indicate a firewall issue, but I've
> tested by turning off both the firewalls (VR KVM Host iptables & Guest VM
> KVM Host iptables). It didn't help. The only way to fix it is to migrate
> the Guest VM to the same KVM Host that's running the Virtual Router.
> NOTE: The Console Proxy has worked flawlessly this whole time.
> So, if a Guest VM starts on a different physical KVM Host, it will not get
> an internal IP of 169.254.x.x. All along the Console Proxy works fine. Then
> if I migrate the Guest VM to the same KVM host that's running the VR, DHCP
> automatically starts working and the Guest VM receives a proper IP address
> of 10.97.38.x. Then I can migrate the Guest VM back to any other physical
> KVM Host and believe it or not, it continues to work flawlessly, until I
> either reboot the VM or restart the network services. Then it cannot see
> the VR again and instead receives an internal IP of 169.254.x.x. If I set a
> static IP address & DNS everything works fine, no matter where the Guest VM
> is running.
> Setting static IPs is not an option
> Running all the Guest VMs on the same physical KVM host is not an option
> I desperately need to track down the root cause of this issue so I can
> release this cloud to my entire department by Monday morning. Someone
> please help!
> Best Regards,
> Adam Scarcella

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