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From Abu Bashiri <>
Subject RE: KVM in advanced zone - some open questions
Date Fri, 22 Nov 2013 08:16:24 GMT
Hey Shanker,

many thanks for your fast reply and your detailed answers. Maybe you can
answer some additional questions?

In the install documentation on point 8.1.5.Is the libvirt configuration
only needed if I want to do live migration or shall I configure this always?

Regarding the Bridge config. That's really interesting. Because I thought I
have to configure a bridge for every traffic type, even for my public
traffic which is on a VLAN. 
So I just set the traffic label on all to cloudbr0 and cloudstack creates it
automatically, but regarding public-traffic, iam right that I shall not
specifiy a VLAN ID in the create zone wizard
Because my interface is already configured as a vlan interface?!?!

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From: Shanker Balan [] 
Sent: Donnerstag, 21. November 2013 03:46
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Subject: Re: KVM in advanced zone - some open questions

Comments inline.

On 20-Nov-2013, at 9:28 pm, Abu Bashiri <> wrote:

> Gents,
> i plan to implement CS 4.2 as a dev environment. I already had a look 
> at the documentation but I still have some unanswered questions. I 
> really appreciate any help.

Glad to hear you have chosen ACS for your dev environment.

> I have three centos 6.3 KVM hosts. One for the management server and 
> the database and the other two hosts are for the VMs.
> My questions are:
> 1.       Are there a guide for the necessary preparation steps for KVM? Or
> is it just really a plain yum install of the kvm components and then a 
> installation of the agent?

Plain yum install along with the OS setup, networking changes and
libvirt/qemu configuration which is mentioned in the host installation docs.

> 2.       Networking
> My physical servers have only two interfaces. I already configured a 
> bond (mode 4 - LACP) for them. As already mentioned, I plan to use 
> advanced networking. For that I configured three VLANs / subnetworks. 
> The management network is set to untagged and is direct connected to the
physical bond.


> 1.       Storage bond0.100
> As far as I understand, that's outside of CS management. It just has 
> to be present so that the mount of NFS export is working? Is this 
> right? Need I a bridge for this VLAN?

CloudStack uses traffic labels to determine the NIC to use. In the case of
KVM, the traffic label map to the "cloudbr" interface.

So, create "cloudbr0" and which maps to the bond0 interface. Since you have
only one bond, all traffic labels would point to "cloudbr0" in your case.

> 2.       Public bond0.40
> So as far as I understand, I need Guest as well but iam not sure if I 
> need a bridge? If iam right, cloudstack will create the bridges for guest

Yes, cloudstack will create the bridge for the guests. Once you have
specific the traffic label (cloudbr0 in your case since you have only one
bond), the bridges will get created to bond0.

> And what is the right order? Install the agent and then add to 
> cloudstack or shall I first configure the bridges, then set them in 
> and then add it to CS?

First configure your LACP, bond0 and cloudbr0. Once your networking is
ready, add the host to ACS.

> Sorry for the stupid questions.




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