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From Nitin Mehta <>
Subject Re: Prevent users from deploying instances
Date Mon, 07 Oct 2013 17:55:46 GMT
You can change the deployVirtualMachine Api attributes to ROOT admin
only(currently allowed to all). You can change that in

There is something else as well which you can leverage and see if it fits
your use case.
In current code base, admin can create vm instances using the flag -
displayvm=false on behalf of the users.
This flag will hide these resources to the end users. The ROOT volume can
be made visible through the display volume flag and the end user can
create snapshots on them.

It would be great to if you can write down your use case and its use.

Let me know if any of the solution fits for you.


On 07/10/13 9:37 AM, "Chris Sciarrino" <> wrote:

>Is it possible to prevent users from deploying their own instances but
>still have access to cloudstack for creating snapshots and powering on/off
>etc? Their instances would be assigned from an admin account. I see the
>option on the user account for instance limits, but setting that to 0
>prevents me from assigning VMs. Just wondering if there is another way to
>do it on CS 4.2.

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