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From France <>
Subject Failed to delete network
Date Mon, 14 Oct 2013 14:06:16 GMT
I'm on CS 4.1.1 with XS 6.0.2+most hotfixes.

I have problems deleting a specific network. Not even Admin can delete 
it. I tried destroying virtual router by hand, but network still can not 
be deleted. Restarting (with cleanup) didn't help either. Removing all 
firewall igress/egress rules didn't help either. It was created while we 
were still on CS 3.*. There is also no destroyed or live VM associated 
with the user account for this network. Catalina.out doesn't log 
anything, not even an attempt to delete it, while management-server.log 
has lots of entries, but none related to my Deleting action.

I've run out of ideas what else to try, to be able to delete the 
network. Please help me.
If additional info is required, i'm willing to provide it, just ask.

Thx for help.

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