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From Bryan Manske <>
Subject Re: Public IPs on Guest VMs within CloudStack 4.2.0
Date Mon, 21 Oct 2013 22:00:03 GMT

I'm still having issues with my CloudStack instances seeing the outside
network and vice versa.  I've verified that other non-CloudStack VMs in
the same IP subnet can see the default gateway and each other but they
can't see the CloudStack instances.  The CloudStack instances can ping
the VR but not the default gateway or any other non-CS VMs.  I'm using
Xen Server 6.2 as the only hypervisor for the moment and have set the
network interface tags (cloud-public and cloud-private) with "xe
network-param-set name-label=cloud-public uuid=<interface-uuid>" and "xe
list" looks correct.  Am I missing tags in the network offering or
somewhere else?  I can't imagine that the CS VR would want to be the
default gateway itself but I suppose its possible.  I've even been looking
at VLANs (tagged versus untagged) at my network edge with no luck.
"xe-switch-network-backend" is set to bridged so maybe its an openvswitch
issue.  Big sigh.

I've debugged as far as I can and need a few suggestions on where to look next.



Bryan Manske

Quoting Bryan Manske <>:

> All,
> Now I'm curious about public IPs on Guest VMs within CloudStack 4.2.0.
> I have one IPv4 /27 for Public IPs and that's working fine.  Now what
> I want to do is assign a live IP address from another /27 to a Guest VM,
> which appears to work but can't actually touch the default gateway.
> So here's the rub: The default gateway is actually provided as a virtual
> IP on two VRRP nodes (for A/B redundancy) by my upstream provider.  I can
> ping the two VRRP routers, I can see the VM has the proper IP address,
> netmask, and default gateway; and I can configure the VM with a proper
> IP config which never finds the default gateway IP.  The arp cache sees
> the local MAC address and incomplete for the gateway.
> So now I'm thinking; according to cloudstack, is the default gateway plumbed
> on a virtual router?  If so, how does THAT route out to the world?
> I also have a /64 of IPv6 space, /96 of which I have configured in a network
> offering which has the same upstream infrastructure situation.  Same lack of
> functionality there.
> So how do I configure my Guest real IP netblocks?  Is it okay to be looking
> for a default gateway IP on a my provider's core router or do I need to have
> them statically route that netblock to something like the cloudstack
> management host?
> Of course I could also have the network offering wrong or incomplete.
> Any thoughts or pointers to documentation would be appreciated.
> I can tell I'm making progress because I keep dealing with progressively
> higher level errors. :)
> Thanks.
> Bryan Manske
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> "Earnest falsehoods left unchallenged risk being accepted as fact."
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"Earnest falsehoods left unchallenged risk being accepted as fact."
 -- Monty "xiphmont" Montgomery - Xiph Foundation, on the Ogg format

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