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From "sanguren" <>
Subject 答复: Xenserver bond only one interface card working
Date Tue, 29 Oct 2013 23:29:13 GMT

I use this to test, 

Yes, you are right , I test on two Xenserver 6.1 , each Xenserver have two Gigabit nics and
create a bond use lacp mode on each Xenserver ,

I think the traffic need 2048Mb/8 = 256MB/s, so I think traffic up 200MB/s  

the line used CAT-6

The server (HP ProLiant DL360 G4) 

Eager Yu

发件人: Erdősi Péter [] 
发送时间: Wednesday, October 30, 2013 2:44 AM
主题: Re: Xenserver bond only one interface card working


You have some contrast in your sentence.
You said, the traffic can't up more than 200MB where MB means MegaByte if you use uppercase
in a right place 1000Mb (where Mb means Megabit) is equal to 1000/8=*125* MegaByte/s If you
have 200 MegaByte/sec that means, you use the two interface with
1600 Megabit/s which can be good.

If you mean the 200MB as Megabit (maybe) it can be because the QoS limiting in Xenserver (which
actually 200Mbit as default)

Hope that helps,


2013.10.29. 17:54 keltezéssel, sanguren írta:
> Hi all
> I used Xenserver 6.1 for my CS node , used basic network,every 
> Xenserver have two GB interface card and build bond mode lacp ,my 
> switch had configure lacp support the two port,but I found I created 
> three vm and use iperf to test network,but only one interface card 
> working. The traffic can't up more  than 200MB,have any one can help 
> me? The 1000Mb is too poor for each XenServer
> --thanks
> Eager.yu
> 发自我的 iPad

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