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From Nitin Mehta <>
Subject Re: Old snapshots not deleted
Date Fri, 06 Sep 2013 12:18:14 GMT
Hi Lennert,
I recall having seen such an issue. Is it similar to ?


On 06/09/13 5:35 PM, "Lennert den Teuling" <> wrote:

>I was wondering if somebody is experiencing the same issue. Yesterday we
>found out that the disks of our secondary storage was almost full
>because none of the snapshots that have been deleted (because of
>rotation for example).
>The issue seems quite clear (?), cause the commando executed on the SSVM
>doesn't work and the SSVMs tells the manager the command was executed
>successful which it was not.
> From /var/log/cloud/systemvm.log on the SSVM:
>Executing: /bin/bash -c rm -f
>It looks like the path is incorrect, see the ":". And is specified
>twice. If you would remove ":snapshots:5:1032:*" the path is correct.
>Also the manpages of rm for the "-f" flag states:
>"deletes read-only files immediately, without asking for confirmation.
>When you specify this option and a file does not exist, rm does not
>display a warning message and does not modify the exit status. If you
>specify both -f and -i, rm uses the option that appears last on the
>command line."
>Maybe this could be the reason why the SSVM returns success.
>I did search for a bug report, but could not find one. Maybe i didn't
>look good enough or this issue isn't known.
>We are using CS 4.11 with KVM on Ubuntu. Maybe somebody can dig up the
>logs on their system and see if they also see these (wrong) rm commands
>show up in the log?
>Met vriendelijke groet / Kind regards,
>Lennert den Teuling

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