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From Richard Chatterton <>
Subject Re: Management Server Networking Issue (Not in Docs)
Date Tue, 17 Sep 2013 19:24:38 GMT

As Chiradeep suggested, you could probably get away with running cloud-install-sys-tmplt on
a server with a connection to your secondary storage network. This step is only one once when
setting up a new CloudStack zone to seed the system VM template. You should only need your
hosts and secondary storage providers to be accessible on that network, otherwise.

This will keep you from having to go install new NICs :)


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From: "Gene Cooper" <>
Sent: Tuesday, September 17, 2013 2:07:29 PM
Subject: Re: Management Server Networking Issue (Not in Docs)

Hi and thanks, Chiradeep.

That's great info.

So, it sounds to me like my best course of action would be to install a 
fairly inexpensive 1Gbps NIC in my management server and connect it to 
the secondary storage network.

Thanks again,


On 09/16/2013 06:11 PM, Chiradeep Vittal wrote:
> I think the main (and only) reason for the MS to access SS is to download
> the system vm template.
> You can copy the cloud-install-sys-tmplt script to the NFS server
> (assuming that it is Linux)
> Execute the script from there and supply the '-t' flag to specify the
> template id.
> Template id can be determined by
> select max(id) from cloud.vm_template where type = 'SYSTEM' and
> hypervisor_type = 'XenServer' and removed is null
> On 9/16/13 12:03 PM, "Gene Cooper" <> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> My first post...
>> We are setting up a CS 4.1.1 environment in a new datacenter.
>> On all CS virt hosts (XCP 1.6), we have 2x 1G NICs and 2x 10G NICs with
>> Management, Public+Guest, Primary Storage and Secondary Storage networks
>> on those NICs in that order.
>> No VLANs are yet configured anywhere on the hosts or switches (beyond
>> the default)
>> The management server is running as a (CentOS 6.4) VM on another
>> (non-CS) XCP 1.6 virt host.  This host currently has only 2x 1G NICs on
>> the Management and Primary Storage networks respectively.
>> It appears I need to also give the management server access to the
>> Secondary Storage network as well and I'm trying to determine how to do
>> that.
>> Advice anyone?  I'm interested in keeping further expenditures to a
>> minimum, but I don't want to make ($) compromises that don't make sense.
>> 1) Do I need more NICs?  ...and how many?
>> I tried creating another virt host network in XenCenter using the same
>> NIC the Primary Storage network is on (assigning VLAN 1) and configuring
>> that in the Management Server guest.  After configuring the new
>> interface in the Management Server (guest), there is still no
>> connectivity.
>> 2) Can I make this work?  Is it a VLAN thing I need to adjust in the
>> switch?
>> 3) What interfaces are needed in a management server and how are they
>> connected to the rest of the CS environment?
>> Sorry for the noob questions, but docs don't seem to discuss this and my
>> Google-fu is failing me.
>> G
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Gene Cooper
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