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From Ron Wheeler <>
Subject Re: Install/Setup
Date Wed, 25 Sep 2013 16:16:21 GMT
Good point.
That may be a minor point that the instructor can work with or not!

I would be happy with local storage for the workshop since I am pretty 
sure that it is easy to add storage later but I have never done it so.....


On 25/09/2013 11:26 AM, Clay Tyler wrote:
> I'm open to this.
> The identical configuration thing might be an issue.
> I, for example, am planning to use ISCSI for my Primary & Secondary storage servers.
> OS: Centos 6.4 64
> NICs: 2/per unit
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> From: "Ron Wheeler" <>
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> Sent: Wednesday, September 25, 2013 9:18:49 AM
> Subject: Re: Install/Setup
> On 24/09/2013 11:44 PM, Clay Tyler wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm looking for someone who can/will install/set up a cloudstack.
>> I hope this isn't the wrong place to ask because if nothing else, I'd appreciate
some guidance.
>> If it is the wrong place, please steer me in the right direction.
>> If it's OK, then I'd REALLY like to talk with someone about this.
>> I've got a router, switch and 4 servers (mgmt, host, primary, secondary) - seemed
the right thing to do based on my reading of the installation guide.
>> I could do it myself really but I think I could accelerate my learning and make fewer
missteps by partnering with someone who's more experienced.
>> Thanks!!
>> Clay
> Is this a paying gig?
> Would other people want to have a workshop on how to setup a simple
> CloudStack setup?
> The installation docs are still a work in progress so it is hard to get
> a simple setup going.
> I would be interested if the price was right!
> I can provide a Saba Collaboration setup to host a small meeting.
> Is someone able to provide the technical expertise for a 1 hour session? $$$
> If there is an audience, we should set up some basic prerequisites so we
> don't waste a lot of time
> - Server(s) with OS installed (what OS, what options?) What software
> packages installed or downloaded ready for installation.
> - agreed network configuration (#NICs installed, agreed network IP
> addresses for virtual network)
> - agreed "final" state (Cloudstack with 1 guest VM on 1 physical machine
> or Cloudstack with 1 guest VM on each of 2 physical machines if that can
> be doe in an hour.)
> - access to terminal window on the server(s) through the same PC used to
> attend meeting so we can share screens if required.
> - ??? anything else that needs doing to have an effective session.
> Ron

Ron Wheeler
Artifact Software Inc
skype: ronaldmwheeler
phone: 866-970-2435, ext 102

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