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From Travis>
Subject Re: understanding cloudstack networking
Date Mon, 12 Aug 2013 14:08:08 GMT
One of the most confusing things I've ran into, past the fact the documentation is wrong about
80% of the time, is the mix of CentOS and Ubuntu instructions.

I think splitting things out into their own OS specific install guides would reduce a lot
of confusion.

I was browsing the 4.2 docs in the repo this weekend and I'm still not seeing swath of the
incorrect info being updated. Maybe things that haven't been rolled into the 4.2 branch yet.


On Aug 12, 2013, at 9:59 AM, Ron Wheeler <> wrote:

> The documentation is wrong which is a big problem.
> It is also confusing with extraneous stuff stuck in the middle and missing introductory
information to explain where the instructions are leading.
> There seems to be a big effort to get 4.2 out with accurate docs and I hope more clarifying
text and drawings.
> It appears that there is a lot of effort going into external Wiki documentation to make
up for the state of the manuals.
> Ron
> On 12/08/2013 4:10 AM, Mark van der Meulen wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am having a little trouble understanding how the cloudstack networking model works,
I have read the documentation and enquired on IRC(without response) and still don't really
get it. I suspect if I was able to setup CloudStack and play with it I would understand, however
given that I have to go through a complex networking setup to get the Zone/Pod/Cluster/Host
even setup to start with, I haven't been able to get far enough in to start playing.
>> Based on what I have read, I think I would like to setup a Public Cloud, essentially
some hypervisors on a private network(lets say and storage on another network(let's
say and then all the VM's given public IP's(let's say I don't
understand how to do that, or even what the difference is between a Guest network and Public
network(do they have to be separate?)
>> I'm used to just building VM's in vSphere and the reason I would like to move to
CloudStack is for the automation and ability to give not so technical people access to creating
VM's. On vSphere this would be easy, iSCSI and Management on the same 10G NIC with different
VLAN tags, and then guest network on another NIC. Replicating this into Cloudstack with KVM
doesn't seem possible? Can I use VLAN tagging?
>> Other questions I have are around the multitude of DNS servers(internal, external,
etc) that the CloudStack Management server asks me for when I set up the Pod/Cluster/Host
as well as internal and external networks - then how do I assign and make sure all configuration
is okay across hypervisors?
>> If someone could point me towards a good guide I would really appreciate it.
>> Mark
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