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From Kent Johnson <>
Subject RE: SSVM Issue - InsufficientServerCapacityException
Date Tue, 20 Aug 2013 15:57:10 GMT
Yogesh, did you make sure you added your hosts to the Access Control Lists of your primary
and secondary storage?

For me I had an NAS using NFS shares and I had to add the IP addresses of my hosts to the
ACL's of the shares on my NAS.

Does that make sense? I think your issue is that your SSVM cannot access your storage because
it is being denied access.


Kent Johnson
Graduate Student
Information Systems
University of Utah
From: Yogesh []
Sent: Tuesday, August 20, 2013 8:54 AM
Subject: SSVM Issue - InsufficientServerCapacityException

Hi Team,

I got an alert with below exceptions in logs Unable to create a
deployment for VM[SecondaryStorageVms-75-VM]Scope=interface id=1:2013-08-20 09:16:44,123 WARN
[storage.secondary.SecondaryStorageManagerImpl] (secstorage-1:null)
Exception while trying to start secondary storage vm

Checking in Cloud UI , I found that ssvm s-75-VM is in starting state.

While trying to restart from Cloud Portal, it is failing also I have tried
destroy, and it is getting recreated but remain in starting state. I have
checked for Primary storage it is at 80% usage so it does not seems to be an
issue with storage.

Please suggest.

Best Regards,


Yogesh Sharma

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