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From Aaron Delp <>
Subject Re: ACS HA with vSphere
Date Thu, 22 Aug 2013 06:34:03 GMT
Very helpful, thank you!  As I see it about the only major feature in
vSphere not supported by ACS today is Storage DRS. I think there might be
some other minor features but probably not worth the trouble right now. It
will be interesting to see what VMware may or may not announce next week
and any associated new vSphere features.

Aaron Delp
Senior Director Technical Marketing, Cloud Platform Group / 919-561-7904
blog: / twitter: @aarondelp

On 8/22/13 2:26 AM, "Kirk Kosinski" <> wrote:

>I filed doc bugs for two vSphere-related HA gotchas.
>Document vSphere HA host tag limitation
>CloudStack should handle native VMware HA for virtual routers
>I also filed one for the traffic label config mentioned by Ilya.
>Improve documentation for traffic labels configuration KVM, vSphere, and
>Best regards,
>On 08/21/2013 08:53 PM, Musayev, Ilya wrote:
>> Aaron,
>> You gap doc will be mostly between ACS4.1(stable) and 4.2 (RC). With
>>4.2, we cover majority of needed features, except for "CLOUDSTACK-778,
>>better vmsync" and usage of native vmware API calls to do maintenance
>>mode and other tasks. I assume the next release post 4.3 will make it
>>98% vSphere compatible.
>> Something undocumented I found, which needs to be documented and only
>>applies to vSphere, if you management network is tagged, officially
>>cloudstack does not support management tagged networks (due to some
>>limitation with Xen). However with vSphere, tag can be defined in
>>Traffic Label, for example "vSwitch0,1099". This is really helpful and
>>unfortunately not documented anywhere for complex network layouts with
>>vsphere. Also, vDs support only applies to public and guest networks.
>> Don't know how helpful this is,
>> Regards
>> Ilya
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>> From: Aaron Delp []
>> Sent: Wednesday, August 21, 2013 6:16 AM
>> To:
>> Subject: Re: ACS HA with vSphere
>> Thank you both the responses and that is great.  I know VMware HA very
>>well already and was just wondering if there was anything above and
>>beyond in CloudStack.  What I'M thinking of doing is putting together
>>some "gap"
>> documentation  that would enable an existing VMware admin come up to
>>speed more quickly on ACS.  If I get brave and I like it I'Ll look into
>>seeing if I can get it into the official ACS documentation if everyone
>>finds it appropriate.  Thank you!
>> Aaron Delp
>> Senior Director Technical Marketing, Cloud Platform Group
>> / 919-561-7904
>> blog: / twitter: @aarondelp
>> On 8/21/13 12:23 AM, "Shanker Balan" <>
>>> Comments inline.
>>> On 21-Aug-2013, at 8:56 AM, Kirk Kosinski <>
>>>> Hi, Aaron. For vSphere, CloudStack relies on native vSphere HA.  You
>>>> must enable and configure HA in vSphere to use HA regardless of the
>>>> configuration in CloudStack.  To understand the functionality of
>>>> vSphere HA I suggest checking the vSphere docs.
>>>> I'm not aware of documentation about using vSphere HA with CloudStack
>>>> besides what is in the install and admin guides.  There may be things
>>>> not mentioned in the official docs, such as global settings and
>>>> bugs/gotchas.  Besides checking the vSphere docs, it would be useful
>>>> to set it up in a lab and try it out.  If you have specific questions
>>>> you can ask on the list and file doc bugs.
>>> +1 for the "set it up in a lab and try it out" first. It was during
>>> an actual lab test that I found KVM HA fail with Apache CloudStack 4.1
>>> despite what the documentation claimed.
>>> FWIW, you never know what surprises are in store till you actually
>>> features that is critical to internal success criteria(s). CloudStack
>>> codebase has had a lot of churn since it went open source and it is in
>>> the user's best interest to validate CloudStack features/bugs with the
>>> supporting documentation.
>>> Regards.
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