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From Nux! <>
Subject Re: How to use the basic guest network without any security group?
Date Mon, 01 Jul 2013 08:54:51 GMT
On 01.07.2013 09:32, WXR wrote:
> If I add a basic zone with security group,all ingress traffics will
> be blocked by default.So I need to add the rules to let the vm be
> accessed.
> But if I add a basic zone without any security group,all ingress
> traffics are still be blocked by default.How can I let it be accessed?
> I think a guest network without any security group should be accessed
> directly,should not be blocked by default.

I think it should be blocked by default and apparently so do the devs, 
but it's trivial to change that.
Go to Network and select "Select View: Security groups", then Add an 
ingress rules, from port 0 to port 65535 for CIDR, for both 
TCP and UDP. If you also want "ping" enabled add another rule of type 
ICMP from port -1 to -1 for
Security Groups are very nifty thing to have.

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