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From Abhinandan Prateek <>
Subject Re: Advanced Physical Networking query
Date Sat, 06 Jul 2013 02:21:04 GMT
Hi Ian,

  You are looking for a basic zone.

Probably go thru the admin guide here


On 06/07/13 6:56 AM, "Ian Duffy" <> wrote:

>Hi Ilya/List
>I was reading the post over at
>and was wondering If I could get some information from you(or anybody
>else who can contribute).
>I want a setup where by instances are brought up with a Public IP and
>an Internal IP for communication with other instances both got from
>DHCP running on a physical gateway.
>In terms of networking with xen(preferably) or vcenter what networking
>is required?
>I'm assuming I'll need the following:
>Management Network
>Cloudstack Manager
>Guest Network (Instance gets some private IP supplied by DHCP on
>physical gateway)
>Public Network (Instance gets some public IP supplied by DHCP on
>physical gateway)
>Is it just a matter of
>1) Creating a network offering as described here:
>2) Creating a public and guest network within the zone
>3) Creating matching labels for the public and guest networks in xen
>pointing to the uuid of the network cards
>I think what is tripping me up the most is the IP address space
>required for a pod. I understand a pod contains hosts and primary
>storage so am I correct in thinking that my pod address space in the
>above outlined configuration would just be some addresses within the
>address space given to management network?

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