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From Ian Duffy <>
Subject Advanced Physical Networking query
Date Sat, 06 Jul 2013 01:26:27 GMT
Hi Ilya/List

I was reading the post over at
and was wondering If I could get some information from you(or anybody
else who can contribute).

I want a setup where by instances are brought up with a Public IP and
an Internal IP for communication with other instances both got from
DHCP running on a physical gateway.

In terms of networking with xen(preferably) or vcenter what networking
is required?

I'm assuming I'll need the following:

Management Network
Cloudstack Manager

Guest Network (Instance gets some private IP supplied by DHCP on
physical gateway)

Public Network (Instance gets some public IP supplied by DHCP on
physical gateway)

Is it just a matter of
1) Creating a network offering as described here:
2) Creating a public and guest network within the zone
3) Creating matching labels for the public and guest networks in xen
pointing to the uuid of the network cards

I think what is tripping me up the most is the IP address space
required for a pod. I understand a pod contains hosts and primary
storage so am I correct in thinking that my pod address space in the
above outlined configuration would just be some addresses within the
address space given to management network?


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