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From Philip Andrews <>
Subject Re: FW: CS 4.1.0 - this will help a number of people who struggle with Advanced Networking
Date Wed, 31 Jul 2013 19:13:34 GMT
Here too, we've been working through a cloudstack install on a 3 box
test environment for almost a week with 95% of the issues being
networking due to poor documentation. I'd be happy to follow some new
procedures and provide feedback.

Also running CentOS 6.4 on all boxes.


On 07/31/2013 03:00 PM, Ron Wheeler wrote:
> If you need an ignorant person with a lot of CentOS system admin
> experience to walk through the procedure with the authors, let me know.
> I have a bare CentOS 6.4 ready to be made into something that runs
> CloudStack and supports a CentOS VM. If that works, I can rustle up
> another piece of hardware with a bare CentOS to add to the confusion.
> Ron
> On 31/07/2013 2:33 PM, Marcus Sorensen wrote:
>> Yes, that's correct. I think we need to update the documentation. The
>> user simply needs to create a bridge where 'public' traffic will work,
>> and then set that bridge name as the traffic label for public traffic.
>> Then it will create the vlan device and the bridge necessary for
>> public based on the physical ethernet device of that bridge.
>> Note, in this example, it is only looking for cloudVirBr for
>> compatibility, if there are existing cloudVirBr bridges then the agent
>> will continue to create cloudVirBr bridges, otherwise, it will create
>> breth bridges, which allow the same vlan number on different physical
>> interfaces.
>> We can easily create some concrete examples for this... such as the
>> one represented in devcloud-kvm by
>> tools/devcloud-kvm/devcloud-kvm-advanced.cfg
>> On Wed, Jul 31, 2013 at 12:06 PM, Edison Su <> wrote:
>>> The KVM installation guide at
, is unnecessary complicated and inaccurate.
>>> For example, we don't need to configure vlan on kvm host by users themselves,
cloudstack-agent will create vlans automatically.
>>> All users need to do is to create bridges(if the default bridge created by cloudstack-agent
is not enough), then add these bridge names from cloudstack mgt server UI during the zone

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>>> From: Noel Kendall []
>>> Sent: Wednesday, July 31, 2013 9:49 AM
>>> To:
>>> Subject: CS 4.1.0 - this will help a number of people who struggle with Advanced
>>> The documentation for installation in a KVM environment is utterly misleading.
>>> The documentation reads as though one can set up the bridge for the public network
with any name one chooses, the default being cloudbr0.
>>> You cannot use just any old name. That simply will not work.
>>> Let's suppose I have a public network that I isolate on VLAN 5, which is interfaced
on ethernet adapter eth4. I will need to define an adapter eth4.5 with VLAN set to yes.
>>> So far, so good.
>>> Next, for the bridge...
>>> By enabling debugging output in the log, I was able to see that the code looks
for a bridge with the name cloudVirBr5 for my public network.
>>> I had tried several different approaches, none would work if I did not name my
bridge cloudVirBr5, and set my traffic label on the network configurationto the same.
>>> I have seen numerous posts in the mailing lists, blog entries, you name it, representing
frustrations of throngs of users trying to validate a CS setup.
>>> The documentation is utterly wrong and misleading.
>>> Summary:
>>> does not work:traffic label: cloudbr0 with eth4.5 pointing to cloudbr0 - code
still tries to create a breth4.5 and enlist eth4.5 to it but cannot because it is already
enlisted to cloudbr0.
>>> Good luck everyone with advanced networking with VLAN isolation on CentOS KVM

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