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From Philip Andrews <>
Subject Setting up networking on single machine
Date Tue, 23 Jul 2013 13:37:59 GMT

I'm trying to setup a demonstration Cloudstack system, I have the management server running
and have had trouble getting the agent to run and connect correctly. I am using a laptop with
a single NIC interface to run both the Mgmt server and the Host.

If I setup the agent with all interfaces as br0 which is bridged with eth0 the agent will
launch and connect to the mgmt server but the host will not run in the mgmt server I am getting
an error:

2013-07-23 09:36:16,783 DEBUG [agent.manager.AgentManagerImpl] (AgentConnectTaskPool-232:null)
Failed to handle host connection: Incorrect Network
setup on agent, Reinitialize agent after network names are setup, details : Can not find network:

The host is added to the mgmt server but on connection that error is coming up in the management-server.log.

The command I used to launch the agent is:

cloudstack-setup-agent  -m -z 1 -p 1 -c 1 -g 66cd794b-f26b-31de-9acf-e71575c4917e
-a --pubNic=br0 --prvNic=br0 --guestNic=br0

Any help is appreciated.


Philip Andrews
Senior Linux Engineer

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F +1 603-641-2280
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