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Subject Re: Reg: Multiple ips server for cloudstack in Basic zone
Date Tue, 30 Jul 2013 04:36:57 GMT
Hi Jayapal,

  1.In cloudstack 4.2 have new feature per nic have multiple ips address.
That is good.

2.In basic zone, we need multiple PUBLIC ipaddress per nic not private ip
address or static 1:1 Nat per nics. Because few of our
software's/web-hosting control panels are not running with static Nat
environment. so we need acquire multiple public ips per Nic not private
Ips. is this possible in cloudstack 4.2 or feature release.

  3. In both zone Basic and Advance without Nat,Cloudstack will support.
Surly cloud-stack will reach another height and beat other stacks.
Because several industries software not good to run in Nat. If
cloudstack will provide same feature without NAT and with NAT. That is
good for all. Can opensource apache community will work for this.

   My humble suggestion is cloudstack will work on both environment
without Nat and With NAT.

 4. Amazon EC2 is not best for running control panel servers like
cpanel,plesk and directadmin etc.... Because of Nat environment. so that
we will need cloudstack will support this feature.


> We have multiple ip address mic feature in cloudstack 4.1
> In UI go Instances -> <vm name> -> Nics -> view secondary ups -> Acquire
> new secondary ips
> Cloudstack reverse the ip address to nic. Take that ip and configure on
> the VM
> We don't have option to configure via router dhcp.
> Thanks,
> Jayapal
> On 26-Jul-2013, at 2:28 PM, wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Cloudstack is running in basic zone.I have created vm. One nic is setup
>> in vm as default and public ip is assigned for that Nic. I want more ips
>> for my vm like ip-alias not another NIC. is it possible to re-configure
>> virtual router dhcp to serve more than one ip for that vm nic.
>> Regards,
>> Prakash.M

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