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From Alena Prokharchyk <>
Subject Re: [cloudstack] usage server does not populate usage data in DB
Date Mon, 13 May 2013 18:40:00 GMT
Stanley, this problem can happen when you have multiple management servers
in cluster, and usage job runs on both of them. So when MS1 runs usage
job, MS2 skips it and you see "Not owner of usage jobÅ ".

But as in your case usage tables not getting populated at all, there might
be some bug. Can you please check:

In cloud_usage DB, usage_job, the last job record. Pid of the record
should be the id of your usage process, host - name/IP of the host where
usage process is running. If you have single management server setup, and
host/pid info in the DB doesn't match usage host info, do the following:

* save mysqldumps of both cloud/cloud_usage Dbs in case you will have to
* stop usage server
* remove the record from usage_job for the unprocessed job
* start usage server again


On 5/13/13 11:16 AM, "Stanley Kaytovich" <> wrote:

>I am having an interesting issue and not much docs out there on this
>particular problem. Cloudstack has been up and running for several days
>now and when we access the DB, the tables are empty. The usage log
>contains the following:
>2013-05-13 18:13:00,002 INFO  [cloud.usage.UsageManagerImpl]
>(Usage-Job-1:null) starting usage job...
>2013-05-13 18:13:00,007 DEBUG [cloud.usage.UsageManagerImpl]
>(Usage-Job-1:null) Not owner of usage job, skipping...
>2013-05-13 18:13:00,007 INFO  [cloud.usage.UsageManagerImpl]
>(Usage-Job-1:null) usage job complete
>Tried to remove and reinstall the cloud-usage package, but this still
>The user 'cloud' has access granted to the DB.
>-          Stanley

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