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From A S <>
Subject need help with network setup
Date Fri, 31 May 2013 20:21:56 GMT
me and my group are trying to setup cloudstack as an project for university.
We plan to use three physical servers for the cloud which are at the 
Only the one which is acting as the management server has direct accces 
to the internet.
So he acts as a gateway for the other two machines.
The three machines have private ips : 192.168.0.x
The VMs should use private ips: 10.100.x.y
For "public" Ips whe have 10.90.x.y. Only reachable via vpn to our 
We are struggling to find the right configuration for our network.
We only want one zone, one pod and one cluster.
But the basic setup manager in the tour of the web ui is not happy with 
a gateway with a 192.168.0.x address and and ip range with adresses from 
10.100.x.y, for example.
How can we solve this?
And it seems like the cloudstack firewall prevents the first machine 
acting as a gateway for the other two machines, which don't have 
internet acces, so we can't access the machines via internet.

Thank for your help!

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