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From Valery Fongang <>
Subject VLAN traffic not seen by System Router
Date Wed, 03 Apr 2013 10:14:39 GMT


I have the following setup:

- 1 Physical Host with single NIC on Centos 6.3+KVM
- 1 Virtual Cloud Management Server on a separate Physical Host from my KVM Host
- All 2 Physical servers plug into the same switch a NETGEAR GS748T
- My KVM host is connected on Port 1 where I have untagged VLAN trunk.
- My guest network VLAN range is set to 200-300.
- System VMs and Instances can be created with no issue. The Centos Template has been downloaded
and I am able to spin VMs with it.


- My system routers are not able to communicate over their public IPs.
- I am not able to ping my system Router Public IP from a guest VM however I am able to ping
all the system VMs from guest VMs.
- My guest VMs are unable to reach the Internet.

With the NETGEAR switch I have I am not able to trunk a range of VLANs but I make sure I manually
add any VLAN used by Cloudstack into the switch and add  port 1 where my host is connected
to that VLAN.

I have played around with my traffic labels  and /etc/cloud/agent/ but I am
still unable to get this working. Any idea how to get my guest VMs to access the public network.


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