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From "Chen, Lianping" <>
Subject Snapshots are not deleted according to the snapshot policy
Date Thu, 25 Apr 2013 12:20:36 GMT

We configured CloudStack to take snapshots daily and delete all old snapshots to keep only
the 2 most recent snapshots. But the old snapshots are not deleted.

>From the log on Secondary Storage VM, we can see the CleanupSnapshotBackupCommand was
sent to Secondary Storage VM and the Secondary Storage VM agent received this request.

2013-04-25 00:01:37,978 DEBUG [cloud.agent.Agent] (agentRequest-Handler-4:) Request:Seq 25-300817340:
 { Cmd , MgmtId: 153252621541, via: 25, Ver: v1, Flags: 100011, [{"CleanupSnapshotBackupCommand":{"secondaryStoragePoolURL":"nfs://","dcId":1,"accountId":2,"volumeId":2422,"validBackupUUIDs":["/snapshots/1/2/2422/gitfraud01_DATA-2396_20130311171422","/snapshots/1/2/2422/gitfraud01_DATA-2396_20130322114746","/snapshots/1/2/2422/gitfraud01_DATA-2396_20130414110421","/snapshots/1/2/2422/gitfraud01_DATA-2396_20130415110421","/snapshots/1/2/2422/gitfraud01_DATA-2396_20130416110053","/snapshots/1/2/2422/gitfraud01_DATA-2396_20130417110053","/snapshots/1/2/2422/gitfraud01_DATA-2396_20130418110053","/snapshots/1/2/2422/gitfraud01_DATA-2396_20130419110053","/snapshots/1/2/2422/gitfraud01_DATA-2396_20130420110053","/snapshots/1/2/2422/gitfraud01_DATA-2396_20130421110053","/snapshots/1/2/2422/gitfraud01_DATA-2396_20130422110053","/snapshots/1/2/2422/gitfraud01_DATA-2396_20130423110053","/snapshots/1/2/2422/gitfraud01_DATA-2396_20130424110406"],"wait":0}}]

>From the log of Secondary Storage VM, as shown below, it seems the command was successfully

2013-04-25 00:01:37,978 DEBUG [cloud.agent.Agent] (agentRequest-Handler-4:) Processing command:
2013-04-25 00:01:37,979 DEBUG [storage.resource.NfsSecondaryStorageResource] (agentRequest-Handler-4:)
Executing: mount
2013-04-25 00:01:37,980 DEBUG [storage.resource.NfsSecondaryStorageResource] (agentRequest-Handler-4:)
Execution is successful.
2013-04-25 00:01:37,980 DEBUG [cloud.agent.Agent] (agentRequest-Handler-4:) Seq 25-300817340:
 { Ans: , MgmtId: 153252621541, via: 25, Ver: v1, Flags: 10, [{"Answer":{"result":true,"wait":0}}]

However, the snapshots that are not listed in the validBackupUUIDs were not deleted.

In addition, the validBackupUUIDs were wrong as well. We configured to only keep the most
recent 2 snapshots, but the validBackupUUIDs sent by CloudStack Manager also contain several
old snapshots. But when we view the snapshots for that VM from CloudStack Web UI, it only
shows the 2 most recent snapshots.
Anyone has seen this issue before? Any idea on what the causes are? How to fix it?


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