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From Len Bellemore <>
Subject RE: Domain and Account organisation
Date Mon, 15 Apr 2013 09:59:06 GMT

I was also thinking about the Accounts structure under my domain.

>From what I understand, I can have a normal "user" account and a "Domain-Admin" account.
Each account can of course have users under it.

Should I be creating two accounts per customer?  One with Users (including the customer users)
and one with Domain-Admins (with my company's engineers and maybe the Admin from among the
customer's userbase?)


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From: Kristoffer Sheather @ CloudCentral []

Sent: 15 April 2013 10:21
Subject: re: Domain and Account organisation

Domains are simply a way to structure groups of accounts and other domains. 
 How you map this to your business & customer requirements is completely up to you.

For ultimate flexibility, I recommend creating a domain for each customer account, then create
an account within that domain.  That provides you the flexibility of being able to create
a sub-domain under the domain if you ever need to.


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 From: "Len Bellemore" <>
Sent: Monday, April 15, 2013 7:18 PM
To: "" <>
Subject: Domain and Account organisation

Hi Guys,

I've got a question about how to organise my Domain and Accounts

I've got two types of customers.  Managed and Non-Managed.

Managed customers pay for monitoring and proactive administration of vms. 
They also get us to create VMs for them from time to time.
Non-Managed customers  are completely self-service.

I'm not sure if the managed / non-managed things is relevent in this case, but I thought I'd
mention it anyway.

My thinking thus far is to create a domain per customer, an account per customer (or more
accounts if there are departments within that company) and then users under each account.

It was also suggested to me to create a domain for Managed and one for Non-Managed and then
start creating sub-domains under those.

At the moment I can't really understand 100% what domains are used for - same goes for the
domain-admin.  Could anyone explain it in simple terms?


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