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From Clayton Weise <>
Subject RE: Question for storage traffic
Date Mon, 04 Mar 2013 19:32:36 GMT
> But yes, if you want to send traffic from the host to primary storage
> via a dedicated NIC, I've found that you have to implement the datastore
> on the host before telling CloudStack about it.

For the most part, yes.  While in some cases you don't have to implement the datastore you
have to at least get the network configured properly.  For example, if you had an iSCSI datastore
that you wanted to use, you can tell CS to have your host mount it but beforehand you must
configure that iSCSI interface (or interfaces if bonding) on your host before having CS configure
the datastore.  Generally speaking, even though this is possible I've found configuring it
first and telling CS that it's 'preSetup' is less prone to issues.

With KVM and sharedMountPoint you _must_ configure the storage beforehand since it has to
exist.  With NFS on any system you don't have to mount the NFS export ahead of time, you just
need to make sure the host _can_ mount the NFS export and CS will take care of the rest.

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