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From Sebastien Goasguen <>
Subject [DOCS] Translation Update
Date Tue, 19 Mar 2013 10:23:11 GMT

Here is an update on the docs translation progress.

The Runbook which is valid for 4.0.x releases
has been translated:
-100% in Taiwanese
-100% in French
-100% in Italian
-70% in Chinese
-69% in Japanese

The UI translations which will be available
in 4.1 have been translated:
-100% in French
-97% in Japanese
-96% in Russian
-95% in Chinese
-94% in Portuguese
-68% in Spanish
-59% in German
-39% in Korean
-+ a few more between 4% and 20% completion.

The complete documentation has been translated:

-61% in Japanese
-35% in Chinese
-24% in Portuguese
-8% in Taiwanese
-5% in Italian

Note that some of those percentages will go down when I sync the new documentation in transifex.

To help with the translation check the slides at

We are getting close to RC1 for the 4.1 release (aimed for March 22nd), one big push from
everyone to finish the UI and runbook (even though it's for 4.0.x) would be terrific.

After the 4.1 release, note that we can all continue translating, these efforts won't be lost
for the next release.

Keep at it, forward to all your friends who can help and thanks again for this wonderful contribution.


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