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From Chiradeep Vittal <>
Subject Re: Can I connect Cloudstack to a Hypervisor with existing VMs?
Date Sat, 30 Mar 2013 00:46:56 GMT
CloudStack generally keeps its hands off of vms that do not conform to its
naming scheme (i-x-abcde). If the name conforms to this naming scheme then
the vm is likely to be killed by CloudStack since CloudStack has no record
of this.

Capacity calculations will be off I think if you run non-CloudStack Vms
(depending on the hypervisor).

On 3/29/13 8:37 AM, "Wang Fei" <> wrote:

>From the cloudstack installation guide, I know that I should have a "clean
>hypervisor host" when deploy cloudstack. But I think that is ideally.
>sometimes, we need to migrate host with existed VMs into cloudstack in
>practice.  of course, we can export the VMs from hypervisor and then
>it after deploy cloudstack complete. It is very inefficient. I have
>about this issue for a long time. I found network and storage is the
>biggest barrier for migrating. Existed VMs may use local storage. then can
>not put it into a zone only with share storage. we can also not assign a
>proper network to it since we need to keep the ip unchanged. But I think
>can work around these issue. and I make a simple test to add a host with
>some VMs into cloudstack. The happen after that surprise me. Cloudstack
>connect to the host successfully and I can access all existed VMs in  the
>host as normal. Did it indicate that it is possible to migrate host with
>VMs into cloudstack? If not, would you like to tell me what would happen
>and what risk should I take.
>best regards

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