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From Mathias Mullins <>
Subject Re: what are folks using for replication?
Date Wed, 13 Mar 2013 02:00:00 GMT
Hi John, 

So in a lot of the installations that we have worked with, we are seeing a
lot of work with DRBD (Active/Standby, Active/Active w/Pacemaker). So far
it's been one of the better solutions that we have seen installations
stable with. I think a lot of people would like to see this functionality
written into ACS to support something in addition to MySQL Master/Slave

Personally I like the DRBD solution because it deals with the replication
at a block level and gives us the flexibility of active/passive and
active/active ability versus having to do a lot of manual work to revert
the master/slave relationship.


On 3/12/13 9:32 PM, "John Kinsella" <> wrote:

>Thought I'd throw this question out on the list - we're working on
>geographically (1500 miles) replicated databases for customers who really
>don't want their stuff to go down.
>In this particular case, how they've architected their DB schemas means
>they're really not friendly to the standard transactional replication
>(this is MSSQL server) so we're looking at replicating the whole block
>device the db is stored on.
>We've tried usingÅ 
> * Ceph -  know it's not meant for geo-repÅ loving it locally, though!
> * Gluster - When clustering across the WAN, performance was weak. Don't
>have enough disks/nodes to create a gluster cluster to replicate with
> * drbd in active/standby - Fairly decent performance. I hear it'd be
>better with the drbd-proxy, but don't feel like spending the $$ yet. I've
>been previously shot in the foot enough times with drbd active/active
>that I won't try that again.
>Currently using drbd (I'm pondering writing management of the
>primary/secondary stuff into ACS) but curious if others have found ways
>of doing this with ACS that they like?
>Stratosec - Secure Infrastructure as a Service
>o: 415.315.9385

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