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From Chiradeep Vittal <>
Subject Re: [ACS41][QA] Test plan for List API Performance Optimization
Date Mon, 04 Mar 2013 22:38:30 GMT

On 2/22/13 10:24 AM, "Sowmya Krishnan" <> wrote:

>I've posted a test plan for tracking the performance numbers for the set
>of List APIs which were optimized as mentioned in
>Test plan is here:
>Please take a look and post comments if any.

Thanks for this. Performance involves a number of different factors and
changing any one of them can result in dramatically different results.

Client -> client http library -> client OS -> client cpu -> client nic
-> network switch -> server nic -> server cpu -> server OS -> jvm -> tomcat
-> cloudstack -> server OS -> nic -> server nic -> network switch
-> DB nic -> DB CPU -> DB OS -> mysql -> DB OS -> DB hard drive

So, a lot of variables, some more pertinent than others.

One tip is to make sure that MySQL runs entirely from memory, so
if you set innodb_buffer_pool_size [1] to the maximum possible,
queries will likely run entirely from RAM and isolate any hard drive

Another tip is to make sure that there is no other traffic on the network.

Another tip is to instrument the server with a tool like AppDynamics[2] or
NewRelic [3]. This will help us isolate the bottlenecks within the
application code and give us useful statistics.


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