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From Murali Reddy <>
Subject Re: HA across zones
Date Mon, 04 Mar 2013 09:17:06 GMT
Chris, at the moment there are no native CloudStack capabilities that can
provide HA across zone, but there are couple of features targeted for 4.2

- GSLB will provide load balancing across the zones in active-active
setup, on zone failure, traffic will be routed to active zone

- AWS EIP, will provide 'static NAT' across the zones. In active-standby
setup, users can change the static NAT mapping from public IP to the VM's
in either active or standby zone.

- Object store will provide common storage across the zones, that will
provide templates, snapshots from which users can launch instances across


On 02/03/13 3:42 AM, "Chris Mutchler" <> wrote:

>What capabilities does CloudStack current have surrounding HA across
>availability zones?
>I am trying to figure out how best to have failover between sites. I could
>accomplish this by mirroring two clusters across zones and using BGP
>anycast routes to announce the presence of the resources from both zones.
>The primary storage would need to be replication between the two
>environments (thinking iSCSI here). I can see that working, assuming the
>backbone between zones is great enough to replicate the data between the
>two locations quickly enough.
>The other possibility is if CloudStack provided away for me to target
>another cluster in a second availability zone to bring online the virtual
>resources. Again, some sort of primary storage replication would need to
>in place to have the actual data the VMs need.
>Does CS make a recommendation on how to solve this problem already? Thus
>far, I have been unable to find an adequate answer via the documentation
>Google (also I lack the resources today to stand it up and test for
>Thank you in advance for your assistance.
>Chris Mutchler

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