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From Rohit Yadav <>
Subject CloudStack cloudmonkey 4.1.0-snapshot
Date Thu, 14 Mar 2013 08:49:16 GMT
As we are getting closer to 4.1.0 release, I want to take this
opportunity to ask people try out cloudmonkey 4.1.0-snapshot [2]. Pl.
note that it is not the official release yet but I published this on
pypi to encourage everyone to use the latest cloudmonkey,
comment/report-bugs before we'll release cloudmonkey along with
CloudStack 4.1.0.

pip install --upgrade cloudmonkey

Note: The default config path has been changed from
~/.cloudmonkey_config to ~/.cloudmonkey/config and some default params
were changed. See the wiki [3] for usage.



Changelog since 4.0.0-7[1]:
- Tabular output with filtering (I bet most people would love this)
- Better coloring using Pygments using DSL regexes. All ids are
underlined with red and uuids with specific colors, for now one can
change colors from, in future we'll have theme support just
like in vim/git etc.
- Better help docs, the new help docs within cloudmonkey are more
verbose than before with information on parameter type, apiname,
- API Sync: Auto-discovers apis with failsafe precache (the total size
of distribution is less than 60kB, was earlier >150kB)
- Parsing, shell and pipe fixes
- Code rewrite: use of meta-programming using closures on config
params, shell and cloudmonkey DSL (grammar, verb, subject, help
generation) makes it maintainable. Use unix philosophy that one
component/method does only one thing, split components into caching,
shell, config, network request and output/printing; For example if we
change request url pattern from query to rest, one only needs to
- Parameter completion (fuzzy, experimental)

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