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From Kirk Kosinski <>
Subject Re: ip management questions
Date Sat, 16 Mar 2013 03:54:57 GMT
Hi, Valery.

> I have following questions:
> -why it is impossible to add more than 1 untagged network to public
> (Infrastructure>Zones>zone0>eth0>Public)

The design is that there is one subnet per VLAN.  You can add additional
IP ranges to your existing untagged network if they are in the same subnet.

> -is it somehow possible to specify ip (or network pool) that would be
> assigned to virtual router ?

I don't think so.

> -is there any way to see current IP usage (some kind of IP management) ? I
> wish to see list of ips and corresponding router vms/account names these ip
> are bound to. I.e. i receive abuse on some ip address. How do I find
> account this ip does belong ?

You can get some info from the API.

> -is there way to manage reverse dns entries from cloudstack ? (I am about
> to start writing script that would capture events from cloudstack
> management log on associateIpAddress/disassociateIpAddress; get username;
> get domain name; update rdns). User should also have ability to set custom
> PTR entry. Maybe somebody already faced this problem ? How did you deal
> with it ?

The CloudStack-managed DNS server isn't really configurable.  If you
need to use some advanced DNS features, you might want to disable the
CloudStack DNS and use your own instead.

Best regards,

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