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From Kirk Kosinski <>
Subject Re: issues adding an instance from ISO
Date Thu, 14 Mar 2013 23:25:45 GMT
Hi, Shane.  CloudStack depends on the hypervisor for OS support.  Even
if there is an OS Type for the OS you want in CloudStack, it doesn't
mean it will actually work.  If there is no OS Type, choosing one
similar to the OS you want may or may not work.  You need to check the
hypervisor documentation for the supported OSs and the supported
installation methods for them.  For XS 6.1 the relevant guide is here:

CentOS 5.8, is not supported.  It doesn't mean it is impossible to use,
but it does mean that an ISO installation will likely fail.  As a
workaround you can install CentOS 5.7 and yum update, or you can perform
a network install of CentOS 5.8 on a standalone XenServer 6.1 host,
export it as a VHD, and import it as a template to CloudStack.

Ubuntu 10.04.4 is also not supported.  Ubuntu 10.04 is supported but ISO
installs are not supported.  If possible, try Ubuntu 12.04 instead,
since ISO installs are supported (10.04.2 ISO probably won't work).  To
use Ubuntu 10.04, perform a network install of Ubuntu 10.04 (10.04.4 may
work) on a standalone XenServer 6.1 host, export it as a VHD, and import
it as a template to CloudStack.

If none of these workarounds are acceptable, you can try the "Other
(32/64-bit)" OS Type and an ISO install for any OS will probably work.
The downside is that the resulting VM will be in HVM mode rather than PV
mode and thus have limited hardware support (e.g. single CPU, 100 Mb
NIC) and poor performance.

Best regards,

On 03/14/2013 01:08 PM, Shane Witbeck wrote:
> I've added several ISOs via management server and I've been attempting to add instances
from these ISO's. Once I complete the process and the instances is  started I connect to it
via "View console" to walk through the OS install. A common issue I'm having is that the install
seems to be missing drivers for cd-rom with messages like "no common CD-ROM drive was detected"
in the case of Ubuntu 10.04.4. Another example is CentOS 5.8 which prompts for an install
> I'm running a recent 4.1-snapshot of management server and using XenServer 6.1 hypervisor.
Secondary storage is NFS on the same machine as the management server.
> Any ideas of what I'm missing here? 
> Thanks,
> Shane

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