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From Kirk Kosinski <>
Subject Re: Domain not found
Date Fri, 08 Mar 2013 04:44:57 GMT
There are indeed some bugs with similar errors, and some suggested
Stop CloudStack, stop all KVM agents, start CloudStack, start agents.
Disable libvirt-guests.
Check NFS settings.

Besides that, I don't think reusing hosts is supported.  I know there
are problems with reusing XenServer hosts, so this may also apply to
KVM.  You should reformat the host before adding it to a new CloudStack.

Best regards,

On 03/07/2013 04:41 PM, Musayev, Ilya wrote:
> Have you considered going into JIRA and searching for bug reports that contain your issue.
If one is found and addressed, consider an upgrade. If not found, please file a bug report
and include steps to reproduce as well as the errors you see.
> We can also look into direct DB changes - but that would be our last resort - when nothing
else helps.
> I would also search for your error, to check if someone else may have reported/resolved
this issue.
> Also, consider asking on Dev list.
> Regards
> Ilya
> Wei Leong <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I keep getting domain not found warnings in agent.log. I suspect this is because the
host I am using used to be associated with another management server. How do I cleanup the
domains in the host so it doesn't look for those domains again? Thanks!
> 2013-03-07 09:41:36,625 WARN  [kvm.resource.LibvirtComputingResource] (UgentTask-5:null)
Unable to get vms
> org.libvirt.LibvirtException: Domain not found: no domain with matching uuid 'bb897daa-2cab-3546-a188-b8779a2113b4'
>         at org.libvirt.ErrorHandler.processError(Unknown Source)
>         at org.libvirt.Connect.processError(Unknown Source)
>         at org.libvirt.Connect.domainLookupByUUIDString(Unknown Source)
>         at org.libvirt.Connect.domainLookupByUUID(Unknown Source)
>         at
>         at
>         at
>         at
>         at$ServerHandler.doTask(
>         at
>         at java.util.concurrent.Executors$
>         at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask$Sync.innerRun(
>         at
>         at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
>         at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$
>         at

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