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From Aniket <>
Subject Client library for Cloudstack APIs
Date Wed, 06 Mar 2013 11:11:30 GMT
Hello All,
We have recently deployed cloudstack 3.0.2 internally and we are now 
trying to move our existing servers to this setup. We want to automate 
this step. We already have things in place wherein we have RAW/QCOW2 
format server images with us and we want to upload these images to 
Cloudstack setup. So question is, is there any client side library (like 
ec2-XXX utils for amazon or some python based thing) which we can use? 
We want to ultimately have scripts written to do this onboarding job.

As far as I understand so far I will have to call registerTemplate API 

and have my image available over HTTP. Any other way? Also, if there's 
no management client library then I use curl or any other HTTP client to 
do this call?

Second quick question is, is 4.0.1 release GA'ed yet?

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