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From Nux! <>
Subject RE: How does the SSVM work when primary storage is local?
Date Thu, 14 Feb 2013 10:47:33 GMT
On 14.02.2013 10:31, Donal Lafferty wrote:
> Could some familiar with systemVM creation comment on this advice...
> Hi Nux!,
> I would break this into three tasks.
> 1.  Login to an existing SSVM, and figure out what changes to the
> mount command you need to make.  Once you have the parameters to your
> liking, change the mount script the SSVM is using.  Reboot, if
> everything operates as expected, go on to the next step.
> 2.  Look for the script you changed in the source tree.  Update this,
> and go on to the next step.
> 3.  Roll a new SSVM template using the SystemVM build process.  This
> I don't understand, and let me explain why:
> I can't tell if there is a single or multiple mvn projects to do
> systemvm creation.  There seem to be two ways to create the base OS:
> a VeeWee-based systemflow and a script-based workflow
> (  They seem to sit in different folders.
> Also, I don't understand how the base image is customized.  There
> seems to be a mechanism that attach rolls changes into an ISO that is
> attached to the systemVM and installed using a copy.  However, its
> unclear whether this is *the* script install mechanism or merely an
> upgrade mechanism.

Thanks a lot, Donal. In the end I might just follow David's advice and 
install & use swift for secondary.
This looks more and more complicated and hard to maintain.

I'll be glad to read any more details about the SSVM though, I like to 
understand how the whole thing works (for when it breaks I'll be able to 


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