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From Nux! <>
Subject RE: Setting root/Administrator password & SSH keys
Date Fri, 08 Feb 2013 08:27:55 GMT
On 08.02.2013 08:22, Nux! wrote:
> On 07.02.2013 23:48, Musayev, Ilya wrote:
>> If memory serves me right:
>> Initial setup:
>> 1) You import you SSH public key into CS
>> 2) when you import your template initially, you define what ssh
>> keypair to use for this template
> But but but, that would only work if you build and upload your own
> templates. In my case I'll be building templates for everyone else.
> And this doesn't work at all with Windows.
> Is there some password stuff in the metadata "a la" the other Stack
> that we can retrieve at first boot and set in the system?

Hm, maybe this might do it:
I'll try this later today.

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