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From "Musayev, Ilya" <>
Subject ACS - Better Marketing - YOUR HELP IS NEEDED
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2013 22:47:00 GMT
To be completely honest, CloudStack is an awesome product, with one major flow - it's a "best
kept secret" not too many know about. The last thing we want to see is for CS to become like
BSD (awesome and stable) but barely used.

I'm not  Citrix employee, I will speak freely - so pardon my honesty.

We lose the market to a peer pressure phenomenon known as OpenStack, I'm not saying OS is
bad by any means, but realistically, many companies go for OS - because thats what everyone
talks about, they don't use the approach of what is right for my environment, instead they
go for the buzzword. Not many can actually get OS to work - in true open source way - and
end up paying for various companies to make it work for them and maintain as well. We need
to get the word out there for CS - we can do better.

For the most part, (my strong opinion based on where I worked in past) I can say that in most
use cases for small, mid and large size companies, CS is a better fit.

Bad marketing, works against everyone's interest. Anything from future job opportunity - to
actually working with a product that is simply great, stable and feature rich.

Here is how I propose we fix this:

For each of the bullet points below - we assign leads that work with contributors.

1)      Create an ACS social media marketing team - We NEED social media attention

a.       Gather list of ideas

b.      Meet regularly on IRC to follow up on progress and discuss what can be done better

c.       Pick the best voted ideas

d.      Assign the duties and roles

e.      Conquer - one at a time

f.        Create Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube Channels or use existing means and
other social media

g.       Blog with SEO in mind

2)      Show the world how you can get ACS to work in your environment on youtube and other
video sites

a.       Create a set of step by step tutorial (video preferred)

                                                               i.      Basic ACS POC setup

                                                             ii.      Setting up ACS  in corporate
environment with strict compliance

                                                            iii.      Hosting environment

                                                           iv.      Development Environment
- educate new developers on how to troubleshoot issues and how to address them - actual basic
examples would be really good on how bug X was fixed

b.      Take it a step further and show how you can bolt on CS with other offerings - again
video preferred but text will do

                                                               i.      Show how to bolt on
OpenSwift for block storage, OpenShift (linux PaaS) and IronFoundry (windows PaaS),  Chef
and SpaceWalk and others

3)      Create support groups based on area of expertise, for example I can help with VmWare
and CS setups, but I'm not good with XEN or KVM at the moment

a.       We need support groups for different hypervisors, storage and networks that can help

b.      Each issue resolved must be documented preferable on wiki  - any  documentation (including
copy and paste from mailing list) is better than none

4)      Host local user group meetups

a.       Show CS and help others

5)      Reach out to other open source (and not) players and work with them to have easy integration
and cross functionality

a.       RedHat with OpenShift PaaS

b.      IronFondry

c.       Cisco, Microsoft, VMWare, etc...

d.      Become part of major distributions

e.      Others will join as soon as they see the momentum

*         Next Steps to make this happen:

o   Gather list of people willing to contribute their time with skills and desired areas of
involvement, even if you are a new comer or don't have enough experience with CS, we can use
your help!

o   Set the time for regular IRC meeting

o   Help lead this effort as well as participate

Together we can make ACS better for everyone and we can beat the buzzword players - because
we are truly better.

Your input is welcome, if you want to reach out to me off the list, please feel free, I'm
on nick "serverchief", or email me directly.


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