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From Abhinandan Prateek <>
Subject Re: How to login with LDAP(AD)
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2013 06:00:47 GMT
Can you paste the ldap config api call that you used to configure the LDAP.

Possible things to check is:

1. Is your query filter conforming to AD you are using. E.g. To use
display name as authentication key name you need to use (displayName=%u)
for AD.
2. Have you checked the db to see if the entries related to ldap config
are there and you do not see any exception in catalina.out while
configuring LDAP.
3. While logging in do you see LDAPAUthenticar say it was not able to find
the user.

For above if you see something wrong reply with more details.


On 07/02/13 9:01 AM, "sx chen" <> wrote:

>Certainly I've read this documentatian,
>And I've successful excute a ldapconfig API.
>I config a accunt  B, password in CS is '123456',domain in CS is 'domB',
>also I config a user in AD,which username is B,password in AD is
>domain is '',
>I use CS username and password login successfully.
>But when I use AD's password,I can't login.
>2013-02-07 11:20:56,887 DEBUG [cloud.user.AccountManagerImpl]
>(catalina-exec-21:null) Attempting to log in user: B in domain 3
>2013-02-07 11:20:56,887 DEBUG [server.auth.MD5UserAuthenticator]
>(catalina-exec-21:null) Retrieving user: B
>2013-02-07 11:20:56,890 DEBUG [server.auth.MD5UserAuthenticator]
>(catalina-exec-21:null) Password does not match
>2013-02-07 11:20:56,890 DEBUG [server.auth.LDAPUserAuthenticator]
>(catalina-exec-21:null) Retrieving user: B
>2013-02-07 11:20:56,955 WARN  [server.auth.LDAPUserAuthenticator]
>(catalina-exec-21:null) Authentication failed due to Unprocessed
>Continuation Reference(s)
>2013-02-07 11:20:56,955 DEBUG [cloud.user.AccountManagerImpl]
>(catalina-exec-21:null) Unable to authenticate user with username
>in domain 3
>2013-02-07 11:20:56,955 DEBUG [cloud.user.AccountManagerImpl]
>(catalina-exec-21:null) User: B in domain 3 has failed to log in

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