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From Chris Sears <>
Subject Re: Questions about KVM storage backends and resize/migrations
Date Wed, 06 Feb 2013 19:55:12 GMT
On Wed, Feb 6, 2013 at 7:49 AM, Nux! <> wrote:

> What's the "recommended" way of backing KVM guests in CS4? I see even LVM or
> CLVM is supported from what I'm reading, but I didn't find a "definitive"
> list.

I'm not sure anyone could give you a "recommended" option for primary
storage without knowing more about your requirements and environment,
but NFS seems to be fairly common for production usage. For KVM, your
storage options are NFS, RDB, CLVM, or SharedMountPoint (which could
be any shared file system, eg GFS).

> Also, can CS resize the LVM/Qcow/backend when resizing the VM? If yes, is
> there an agent that takes care of resizing stuff _inside_ the VM or I must
> work it out myself?

Yes, CS can resize volumes, but it doesn't do anything inside the
guest to resize the local filesystem/partitions.

> If the requested resize needs more resources than the current physical host
> can provide, can CS (live) migrate the VM to another one?

I'm not aware of any such automatic migration feature. Most of the
primary storage options would expose the same shares/LUNs to all the
hosts in a cluster, so I'm not sure how often this would come up.

 - Chris

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