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From Radhika Puthiyetath <>
Subject RE: [DOCS] Update on translation, Help needed.
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2013 15:26:23 GMT

Many features are not yet merged, some are still in progress state. In this case, it is very
difficult to aim for a month-end doc freeze.


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From: Sebastien Goasguen [] 
Sent: Tuesday, February 12, 2013 8:51 PM
To: Developers;
Subject: [DOCS] Update on translation, Help needed.


Translation is picking up, thanks to all translators.
Doc freeze is aimed for the end of the month, that means that in March we should be working
on a non evolving set of docs.

The runbook is finished in French. Japanese and Chinese need a few updates to be complete
(due to the new push of strings).
Italy is fast catching up on the runbook (61%):
This is a relatively easy one to get done. To check where they stand and how the look see:

Chinese (mainland):
Chinese (Taiwan):

I only know French, English and a bit of spanish, so please don't take offense if the documents
are not properly rendered. This might be a transifex issue. Just report the issue to the list
and I will fix it.

The UI is seeing the most work with:
Japanese, Korean, Russian, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Norwegian and Catalan
having a good chance of being finished by 4.1.

We need a big push on the general documentation:
Chinese, Japanese and Portuguese are the only three languages we can realistically hope to
finish on time for 4.1.

Keep it up and get people involved, we have ~90 days to get this done :)



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