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From Donal Lafferty <>
Subject RE: How does the SSVM work when primary storage is local?
Date Thu, 14 Feb 2013 10:31:21 GMT
Could some familiar with systemVM creation comment on this advice...

Hi Nux!,

I would break this into three tasks.

1.  Login to an existing SSVM, and figure out what changes to the mount command you need to
make.  Once you have the parameters to your liking, change the mount script the SSVM is using.
 Reboot, if everything operates as expected, go on to the next step.

2.  Look for the script you changed in the source tree.  Update this, and go on to the next

3.  Roll a new SSVM template using the SystemVM build process.  This I don't understand, and
let me explain why:

I can't tell if there is a single or multiple mvn projects to do systemvm creation.  There
seem to be two ways to create the base OS:  a VeeWee-based systemflow and a script-based workflow
(  They seem to sit in different folders.  

Also, I don't understand how the base image is customized.  There seems to be a mechanism
that attach rolls changes into an ISO that is attached to the systemVM and installed using
a copy.  However, its unclear whether this is *the* script install mechanism or merely an
upgrade mechanism.


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> Subject: RE: How does the SSVM work when primary storage is local?
> On 14.02.2013 10:01, Donal Lafferty wrote:
> > It's a bit different than what you explain.
> >
> > The SSVM only ever mounts secondary storage.  Copying from secondary
> > to primary is handled at the cluster level by the hypervisor plugin.
> Thanks a lot, Donal, that makes sense.
> Since we're at it, could you tell me where the SSVM template resides? I need
> to customise it to mount NFS via TCP.
> Thanks,
> Lucian
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