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From Kirk Kosinski <>
Subject Re: Blue screen appear if using the template uploaded
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2013 07:11:33 GMT
Hi, Xintao.  What disk controller did you configure on your uploaded
template?  CloudStack only uses lsilogic and will ignore any special
configuration in the OVF of an uploaded OVA template, so make sure that
any VMs to be imported to CloudStack use the lsilogic disk controller.

This should be simple if you are creating the template yourself, but
might be a problem if you are using a virtual appliance from a vendor.
I saw someone recently who wanted to use a Juniper virtual appliance,
but it was configured with the buslogic controller for some reason and
wouldn't boot when deployed via CloudStack with lsilogic.  In that case
Juniper built a new version that used lsilogic, but some vendors might
not be so helpful.

Another possible problem would be if the uploaded template includes
multiple VMDKs and needs them all to boot.  CloudStack doesn't support
OVAs with multiple VMDKs (or with ISOs) and it will only use one VMDK
from the OVA.

I'm not sure what else would cause the BSOD you're seeing.  If the above
doesn't help, share a screen shot of the BSOD or at least the error code
since it may help narrow down the problem.


On 01/31/2013 07:02 PM, Xintao Song wrote:
> Hello,
> I had some trouble to create instance by template. But I could not know how to solve
> Problems as below:
> I uploaded OVA template to cloudstack, and then create instance by this template, but
the bluescreen appears when the instance start.
> I am sure this template uploaded is well. But I did not know why the bluescreen appeared
by using this template uploaded to create instance on cloudstack.
> If I used ISO to create instance and convert it to template, and then create instance
again by this template, it is very well.
> My environment:
> Cloudstack4.0+Vcenter5+Esxi5
> Regards,
> Xintao Song

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