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From Asmita Vagyani <>
Subject Cloudstack API calls
Date Tue, 15 Jan 2013 11:00:05 GMT
Hi all,

After installing management server I am trying to call a cloudstack API -

#curl --user "admin:sigma123" "http://localhost:8080/client/api?command=listAccountskeypair=bXFnKCix8VhhEGunkFbz8gWgwHc3WB0Tg7m3nE7LujhYo0-PGixkjOhtb2gKA\&signature=eaddca273cba89aacf4d0472356516586e2b24f8"

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><errorresponse cloud-stack-version=""><errorcode>432</errorcode><errortext>The
given command does not exist</errortext></errorresponse>[root@torvm-cloudstack-mgmt

I am getting an error saying command doesnot exist.

I generated the signature using 
# echo -n "value" | openssl sha1 -hmac "keypair=bXFnKCix8VhhEGunkFbzqniHwYjgVUFr7KrUbKIc_g_tH8gWgwHc3WB0Tg7m3nE7LujhYo0-PGixkjOhtb2gKA"

Let me know if I am missing something.

Thanks and Regards.

Asmita Patil Vagyani. 

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From: Aleksey Samarin [] 
Sent: 15 January 2013 PM 03:32
Subject: Router problem

Hello everybody!

I have a wierd problem with virtual router, after create, guest network works fine but gateway
to internet is unreachable.
Btw ssvm and cpvm works great and using internet.
I using cs4 on ubuntu, advanced network.

All the best

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