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From Murali Reddy <>
Subject Re: Is it possible to use Juniper SRX for Firewall functions in conjunction with Virtual Router for Load Balancing functions
Date Mon, 21 Jan 2013 06:26:27 GMT
On 20/01/13 9:53 AM, "Kristoffer Sheather - Cloud Central"
<> wrote:

>CloudStack Users,
>We are currently designing a new solution with specific security
>requirements and are considering implementing a Juniper SRX series
>firewall.  In order to protect the load balancer from public traffic we
>intend on deploying an 'in-line' topology where the SRX sits in front of
>the load balancer (physical or virtual).
>Is it possible (and preferably tested) to use SRX for
>firewall/port-forwarding/VPN and use the CloudStack Virtual Router for
>balancing?  I know the documentation states that you must use SRX with F5
>for 'in-line' mode, however I can't see why you couldn't use the virtual
>router instead of a F5.

I know that side-by-side configuration works right now. You can have a
network offering with SRX providing firewall/PF/Nat services and
VR/F5/NetScaler providing LB service. But inline mode, only SRX and F5
combination supported. But one can extend the support for VR/NetScaler as
well. Please open a feature request bug.

>If anyone has experience and can advise that would be greatly appreciated.
>Kristoffer Sheather
>Cloud Central
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