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From David Nalley <>
Subject Help wanted: Review the runbook
Date Tue, 29 Jan 2013 16:13:51 GMT
Hi folks,

I'd like to ask for some help.
Many months back I wrote a runbook for CloudStack 3.0.2, which seemed
to work pretty well. I had a number of folks assist with that, but the
long and short of it is that as time marched on it fell into a bit of
disrepair. I spent Monday afternoon/night on a 10 hour flight with no
internet connectivity, and spent some time updating this document for
4.0.x, and have a first draft of this here:

The help I am seeking:
I want folks to use this runbook as literally as possible to deploy a
CloudStack instance. Literally copy-pasting commands, config file
content, etc. There could be typos, improper commands, etc. Please
help me find them. My goal is to have a single guaranteed path to
success for someone new to Apache CloudStack. Obviously that means
following the directions religiously. So how to send feedback - well
you can reply to this thread, you can file bugs in Jira, or you can
submit patches to fix problems.

The runbook is currently at:

Thanks for your help!,


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